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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 18, 2015 4:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> classics. check right now, a woman is hospital listed following a violent sexual assault in brooklyn. the search for her attacker coming up. >> screams from a nassau county home where an elderly woman is found stabbed. neighbors react as police have a suspect in custody. >> hot and humid. wait a minute. another steamy day on tap. a heat wave continues. where have i seen this before. good morning, i'm michelle charlesworth in for lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. it's tuesday, august 18th. one day closer to friday. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive and hot accuweather forecast.
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>> well, good morning, everybody. humid, sticky, steamy, stuffy and thunderstorms around in these overnight hours. here is the current temperature, 80 degrees. we will drop a bit as we get going today another degree or two. 71 kingston and poughkeepsie. 78 bridgeport, connecticut. 80 in the park. 78 around orange. air quality alert. bad air once again. that is really across northern fairfield county but long island, coastal connecticut, you are not in that but the air quality won't be that good. a couple of thunderstorms around bridgewater. there is lightning in that one and around suffolk county a storm, too to watch out for. that will run up to 80 and up the hudson river valley. another steamy day. highs in the low 90s. it will feel like 95 to 100. heather is feeling better. she is back in action. >> i am here. we will talk about mass transit. mass transit is there for you as well. it's doing okay as far as metro north goes.
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you have the waterbury branch. long island railroad doing fine. 1, 2 and 3 trains fast work. no 1 or 2 trains between penn station and south ferry and the three trains are suspended. construction at all three of the hudson river crossings. going to the brooklyn bridge, it's closed inbound until 6:00 a.m. b.q.e. northeast ramp to the brooklyn bridge is closed down. street cleaning rules are in effect. michelle, over to you. >> thank you, heather check this morning, police are looking for a man seen in this video following a violent attack in brooklyn. a 52 year old woman was raped near lefferts place. some of her teeth were knocked out in the struggle. kala rama has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: michelle, police say that man and woman met in this area of bedford and putnam then the man said to that woman if you don't follow me, i will shoot you. the woman went with him a half mile a way to lefferts place
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where the attack happened. he found a dark stairwell and started to attack her. you can see the video of the violent manthey believe they are looking for. police say he shoved his fingers in her move. the woman fought back and bit him but he knocked out her two teeth. the man continued raping her and got away. the suspect is described as a muscular black man in his late 30s. may have bite marks on his right hand. that is something to know. as for the 52-year-old woman, she is in the hospital in stable condition. she is helping to give a great description to police. live in the bed-stuy section of the brooklyn here, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. breaking news from indonesia. the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder and 54 bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of the plane that crashed sunday. rescue officials say that the plane was destroyed when it slammed into a rugged mountain
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side at an altitude of about 8500 feet. the plane crashed during violent weather minutes before landing. as you can see, stunning video of the moment that a bomb ripped through central bangkok. the cell phone video capturing the power of the blast at a shrine that left 20 people dead. there is a heavy police presence in bangkok. nobody claimed responsibility. the thai defense minister says they are looking for several suspects. we are getting word of a second blast in bangkok. when we get more information, we will bring it to you. police in nassau county say they have a woman in custody for monday's murder of an elderly woman. the first officers found the victim bleeding from the neck.
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she was rushed to the hospital where she died. neighbors say the victim was a neighborhood fixture. >> lovely gal would come outside and say, hi, how are you doing. i never had a long conversation with her but she was a nice person and friendly and mind your own business. tend the her garden and front yard. >> the nassau county d.a. will release the names of the victim and accused killer later this morning. another sex assault. the victim was a 43-year-old woman walking on admonson avenue. detectives say the man pulled down the woman's pants and assaulted her and then ran away. the suspect is about 5'5", 130 pounds. if you can i.d. the man, police give police a call. a town hall meeting planned for tonight in mount vernon to discuss the death of raynette
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take turner who died in a police holding cell two days after being arrested for shoplifting a cause of death has not been determined. clearing and commute leaders are set -- clergy and community leaders are set to attend the forum. they will roll out new body cameras to be warn by men's of the essex county -- members of the essex county sheriffs. officers in morristown have their cameras. newark, jersey city and paterson are pooling resources to provide their officers with body cams. heather has been telling us about this commuter alert for overnight drivers using the george washington bridge. lanes on the lower level to new york city are closed. traffic will be diverted this week from 9:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning through friday morning. on friday night the closures will be in effect from 11:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. the next morning to allow
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to remove temporary construction platforms that are there. when a tourist snapped a an illegal selfie, little did he know he was prepping for his mug showed. we learned that david karnos shhh race arrested. he claimed a beam back in june, took this photo then got down before officers were able to spot him. but he is scheduled to be in court later this month. how does time fly like this. >> it does. >> it's time to go for weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> must be having fun. >> we are having a blast. 4 time's square looking south this morning. we have partly cloudy skies. there are a couple of thunderstorms around this morning that we are keeping an eye northern you. we look from our camera -- eye on for you. looking from our camera in queens p. a little haze, a little humidity. showers and thunderstorms pop up this afternoon. 80 degrees right now.
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we may drop it to 79, 78 as we get going today. somerset, hunterdon county along the turnpike along 78 and heading to 80 it will be this area of showers and thunderstorms from plainfield into east orange. that will ride up. they are dissipating as they come in. they are heading to islip. another shower across fire island. back to the west is a lot of showers and thunderstorms. eventually some of those will come our way. more likely thursday afternoon. warm, sticky, stuffy, humid this morning. lunchtime 88. low 90s today. a pop possible away from the coastal sections. the humidity picks up. it will feel like 95 to 100. heather, what do you have going this early morning? construction on the east side of manhattan, fdr northbound side up into the 70s, one lane is getting by. we have a lot of volume as you
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try to get up to that spot near 79th street. we go to the maps and talk about the sway status, 1, 2, 3 trains fast track. no one or two between penn station and south berry. three trains are suspended. doing okay as far as metro north, long island railroad and new jersey transit trains. metro north waterbury branch bridge work and bridge work at the george washington bridge with those lane closures. lincoln tunnel, holland tunnel construction there. brooklyn bridge is closed inbound until 6:00 a.m. because of construction. we have street cleaning rules in effect today. michelle, over to you. >> good one. thank you, heather. jersey city mayor stephen phillip is fed up with pse&g. he said they are tearing up city streets. >> he said they are leaving behind a patched up mess. pse&g says it doesn't treat
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city and rural projects differently but he had enough. he said no more construction until they pay for repaving. >> we shut down all the projects in jersey city and they will be shut down until jersey city and pse&g come to an agreement on paving schedules being done in a timely manner. >> pse&g is reviewing all the work and makes repairs based on a plan approved by jersey city. we had all of our roads right here redone. no sooner did we get this road repair i saucon he had relationship up the road like a week after. sad -- rip up the road like a week after. uncle sam was targeted by hackers in a data breach that jeopardized the identity tf taxpayers, more than previously
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. the fda will announce whether they will approve or postpone the call regarding the drug dubbed the female viagra. an fda advisory panel voted in favor of the drug after hearing emotional testimony. the drug works with chemicals
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in the brain to treat the 10% of women who suffer from low libido. bryan mitchell recovering after taking the line drive to the face. this happened in the second inning of the yanks win over minnesota in the bronx. the ball came off the bat of former yankee. mitchell suffered a nasal fracture and is being monitored for concussion symptoms. coming up on eyewitness news, a crack in the case of the mysterious headstone that turned up at a new jersey bus terminal several weeks ago. we will unleash the details
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next. [singing] man does he sound good. gosh. what a gift for fans to see stevie wonder. he surprised many popping up for a free performance in central park.
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>> last night a whole bunch of new yorkers that were lucky got a preview. a.j. ross has the story signed, sealed and delivered. >> reporter: the legendary steve very wonder took center stage monday night for a pop up concert promoting his songs in the key of life tour. from classics to new releases, he kept the crowd singing and dancing on their feet for nearly 90 minutes. at times cracking jokes in between sets. >> would you trust me driving you in a tesla. [ applause ] you lie, you lie. >> he also spoke to current issues and advocate change. >> we need to focus on how we can encourage people to love each other. more songs written about relationships, bringing them together. >> we had a chance to speak to mr. wonder one on one after the concert.
4:54 am
>> i was performing at the regal theater. i was, like, all excited because the girls were screaming. i threw my tie. they said, man, are you crazy. that is the last tie we had. >> reporter: fans from all over the world who enjoy his music say this is something they will never forget. >> really awesome. >> a legend. >> if people have a stage voice and they got something to say that will be positive for people, why not. >> reporter: don't worry, if you missed out on the concert, he is ending the tour add my di son square garden on november 24th. a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> so cool, right. presale for that show at the garden begins today at noon. >> awesome to see how an artist like at the very wonder who has written a gazillion songs sounds that much better at this age.
4:55 am
>> so cool. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. and a little pop-up shower going on? >> we have a flood advisory until 5:45 because there is a cell coming through in urban areas of new jersey, essex, hudson, union county. that will be sliding into the urban areas of jersey and manhattan and northern parts of brooklyn. on the accutrack radar, there are the cells we are talking about coming through morristown, along i-80, to the south of i-80 and sliding eastward. one cell from lower plan man heading up to the bronx. as that cell moves to the north, it's right there over us on the upper west side. then another cell across eastern long island. we are keeping an eye on that. that too will create problems. these will go away and another band of those popping up this afternoon. we will talk about that. heather is looking at everything, the commute for you. 91, heather, will feel like 95 to 100.
4:56 am
>> my kind of weather. >> you mentioned eastern long island. let's head to the maps and talk to you about the l.i.e. which is closed down eastbound right near exit 69. worked on. always you head to the new jersey turnpike western spur north near exit 15-e a car fire being extinguished and cleared. near springfield avenue we have a downed pole. 7:00 a.m. 1, 2 and 3 trains, fast 3 trains suspended but that should be taken care of in a couple of minutes. street cleaning rules in effect. over to you. >> thanks, heather. new information on a story we told you about earlier this month. remember the headstone found out of a new jersey transit bus garage? the mystery of the stone bering the name of 8-year-old max ferrer, one of our photographers investigated this was the case.
4:57 am
police say max isn't a little person. max is a rottweiler. the dog reportedly belonged to a former newark resident that passed away in 2005. not clear how the headstone ended up at the garage. a nonprofit group delivered a damning report on how police responded with inappropriate and deadly force to a bank robbery in california. the shoot out near sacramento -- this happened last summer, ended with two robbers shot and a hostage dead. the police fired 600 shots at the end of a 60-mile pursuit. police officers opened fire with colleagues standing in front of them. we are closing in on 5:00. following the latest breaking news in thailand. another explosion a day after a deadly bomb blast in the heart of the capitol city. no reports of injuries.
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check at 5:00 a.m. a rapist is on the loose. a woman was viciously attacked in a staircase. >> overseas, rescuers reached the crash site of an indonesian plane that went missing. governor christie will meet federal transportation officials to discuss how to pay for a new rail tunnel under the hudson river. >> a flood advisory has been issued for the five boroughs with a heavy downpour overhead right now. good tuesday morning. i'm ken rosato. >> i'm michelle charlesworth in for lori stokes.
5:01 am
today is tuesday, august 18th. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and we begin with bill evans with the exclusive forecast. >> wet streets around the urban areas of hudson, union county and manhattan. heavy downpour of rain. that is continuing right now across the five boroughs, up to the bronx and up to the hudson river valley. looking at 75. heavy rain and a southwest wind at 7 miles per hour. an air quality warning until 11:00 tonight. that should be for the entire area. the air quality won't be great with the heat and humidity. flood advisory until 5:45 with that band of rain coming through now. the downpour is very heavy from right here about 59th street across the park and that will work its way up the west side up to the morrisania section of the bronx. this is the cell to the west of newark and kearny and heading
5:02 am
to bloomfield up to lyndhurst and passaic, bergen county. on long island, another cell this morning. though will go away. a shot at a pop up later on today. be aware of that. heather can tell us if it's affecting the roads. we take a look at the commute. >> we have a subway issue to talk about. that issue has been taken care of for the morning. we have, 1, goes 2 and 3 trains, fast track repairs cleared for the morning rush. as far as metro north, we are bury branch, bridge work in bridgeport. we have the rain affecting the leigh eastbound closed near -- l.i.e. eastbound closed near exit 69. western spur of the new jersey turnpike north near 15-e a car fire they are trying to get rid of there. 22 west near springfield, a downed pole. left lane is closed down until 7:00 a.m. doing okay with the hudson river crossings, construction being cleared away.
5:03 am
street cleaning rules are in effect. ken, over to you. >> heather, thank you. we have breaking news this morning in thailand. there has been another explosion, this time again in bangkok. police say today's blast happened at a ferry peer. authorities say somebody threw an explosive device off a bridge and it exploded in a river. nobody got hurt. today's explosion comes a day after a blast near a shrine left 20 people dead. nobody claimed responsibility for that bombing but thailand says a suspect is under investigation. we have breaking news from indonesia. search teams recovered the flight data recorder along all 54 bodies from the wreckage of the passenger plane that crashed sunday. officials say the plane was destroyed when it slammed into a rugged mountain side at an altitude of 8,500 feet. the plane crashed during violent weather minutes before landing. we turn to brooklyn. police are trying to catch a rapist. new surveillance video shows
5:04 am
the suspect walking in bed- stuy. the victim was attacked around 3:00 yesterday morning near putnam and lefferts. he reportedly broke several of her death during the struggle. we will have a live report during the next half hour. mayor de blasio signs that new law today to ensure building owners inspect and sanitize water towers. governor cuomo announced similar regulations for the entire state. city health officials reassured crowds in a town hall meeting in the south bronx. the outbreak sickened 124 people and to date killed 12. >> you can buy food and drinks from restaurants in the south bronx, absolutely. this outbreak has nothing to do with the food supply or the air- conditioning or water used in any of the food you might buy in a restaurant.
5:05 am
>> the inspection and disinfection of all cooling towers in the next 30 days. governor chris christie will have a closed door meeting with federal transportation officials on though improve transit for hundreds of thousands of new jersey transit riders. this follows another miserable morning commute under the hudson river. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live in newark with details. dray? >> reporter: good morning, later on today, the department of transportation secretary, anthony fox will meet with governor christie along with senators menendez and cory booker. the topic of discussion will be the gateway project. the multibillion dollar project to include building a hudson river tunnel project. there was a plan in the work and progress but in 2010 governor christie pulled state funding because of possible cost overruns. there are only right now two rail tunnels and they are 105
5:06 am
years old and in dire need of major repair. in fact, yesterday a new jersey transit train with 200 passengers got stuck inside the tunnel causing significant delays for a lot of commuters and last month you may recall electrical problems inside the tunnel caused days of delays and diversions. of course superstorm sandy is getting a lot of the blame for causing significant damage inside the tunnels a few years ago. now, amtrak operates the rails and tunnels and the equipment that is also used by new jersey transit. last week an amtrak official made it very clear to new jersey lawmakers that because of years of wear and tear there could be more problems ahead down the line. the solution of course is to build a new tunnel but that would cost billions of dollars and take a lot of time. certainly later on today, a big part of the conversation will be who is going to cover the cost of building this tunnel if it happens. of course new jersey lawmakers
5:07 am
are hoping that the u.s. department of transportation will pick up about 80% of the bill and then new jersey and new york will figure out the rest. we should mention that governor cuomo was invited to today's meeting but he declined. live in downtown newark, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray, thank you. senator menendez is widely expected to oppose a nuclear deal with iran and today he will formally announce his decision. it comes at 1:00 at seton hall university. congress is set to vote on the deal next month. menendez stressed his close ties to israel while questioning iran's intentions. senator schumer announced he will vote against the deal as well. republican presidential front-runner donald trump is back in campaign mode after a brief stop for court duty.
5:08 am
he was greeted by a large crowd of reporters, fans and onlookers. he filled out forms and waiting, even nodding off a bit. he won't have to return today but trump said he did enjoy the experience. >> the system that we go through. it's a great system. a system that works. i met some wonderful people. >> funny to see him in person. he seemed bored like the rest of us. not what i thought jury duty would be like. >> trump has been summoned to jury duty five times before and was a no show. i have been there. you been there? >> i have always gone. >> me to. >> every single time. >> i have never been picked. i want to be picked. now i will be. his campaign claims the summonses went to one of his other homes. >> every time i go i'm like pick me. they are like no, we know you. >> the number one way to get out of it.
5:09 am
>> i would love to serve sometime. >> it would be good. we are supposed to. bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> i have served on jury duty. all right. as we start the day today [ laughter ] >> i was on a case for two weeks. heavy downpour of rain with a flood warning. it's coming down hard on the west side, 59th street southward into lower manhattan. the heavy rain is causing flooding issues already. 75, heavy rain. here is the flood warning until 6:00 a.m. it's from the park southward to the east side up to 89th street southward to lower manhattan. there have been some lightning strikes with that around greenwich village. the other heavy cell is across essex, hudson, union county and morris.
5:10 am
this has lightning in it, too. there else the lightning strike in lower manhattan. one in montgomery street. another in greenwich village in canal, the west side, lower west side to world trade. this will dissipate in the next hour. another cell to islip. then we look at a shot of more thunderstorms popping up later today. >> heather is looking at the commute. got to be careful. >> it's pouring out there. crazy. everybody take it easy. let's go to a webcam. the fdr drive, these crews are out there trying to get construction cleared. let's pinpoint this for you, fdr northbound at 79th street. one lane is open. that is because of that ongoing construction. now, we are going to go back to that webcam and show you the fdr drive and how jam packed it is. crews are out there trying to get that cleared away. you can see the delay head to the northbound side. there is the truck where they
5:11 am
are trying to pick up the cones and get this taken care of. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. hopefully it won't be raining like this when you have to move your car. over to you. >> happening today. delays on four sway lines in the middle of the morning commute. rush hour riders say they waited for what seemed like forever. the mta said necessary track work means eight fewer trains per hour will run on the e, f, m and r lines. the work will last the next three weeks. for specific times on the delays, go to and page. it's 5:11. still ahead this morning, digging for oil after years of accident. deep drilling in the arctic. the golden fine as many as 15 billion barrels of oil. also how a weather balloon
5:12 am
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welcome back. a grieving family pleading for answers on the first anniversary of an unsold double murder. the mother of kenny jimenez cried at the scene of where her 21-year-old son was shot dead august 14, 2014. jimenez family says they have no clue what anyone would have wanted to harm him for and why police have no leads. >> we apologize. that was the incorrect video. planes are not providing the only help from above for crews battling the wildfires in the western u.s. one california
5:15 am
town is using weather balloons. the data from the balloons can help coordinate how the fires are attacked. they also keep crews out of danger. >> number one priority is to keep those guys safe and we are doing everything we can to get those forecasts dialed in for the firefighters on the ground so they know what to expect. >> well, the balloons send out data to a national center and help forecasters track the flames. and the time is 5:15. meteorologist bill evans joins us with a quick stormy accuweather forecast. that will change as the day goes on, right, bill? >> we got a big cell producing heavy rain on the west side as you can see from the camera. if you are here in manhattan, we got a big problem with rain across the area that will start to work up into the bronx, northern new jersey.
5:16 am
so,ing this is heavy in essex, hudson, union county in manhattan where there is a flood warning. so, goes this morning, we have a temperature starting out -- it's 75 degrees. 80 last hour. with the thunderstorm, that dropped that down. winds are southwest. pressure steady. yesterday's high 95. that tied the record set back in 1944. well, you go to long branch and belmar 73. poughkeepsie 70. where there has been the thunderstorms,ing it's cool. wind is southerly. that will pick up the humidity. air quality is not going to tampa bay great again today particularly for the very young and elderly. you have a respiratory illness midday to afternoon, avoid that and be in doors. flood advisory for essex, manhattan and brooklyn. you see a flood warning now from the midtown tunnel southward, 59th street to the south. that southeast corner of the park is where there is the flood warning.
5:17 am
a couple of cells this morning. you take in the entire tri- state region, cells popping up just over the upper best side and around the park. good lightning strikes. about 3 or 4 in that batch in ventral new jersey and then you see this cell dissipating across the great south bay and heading to the south shore of long island. back to the west there is a cold front. this will come to us thursday. you see on our accutrack radar, lightning strikes have been here around lower manhattan and toward jersey city. those are kind of sliding eastward and up the upper west side. there was a lightning strike on canal street a few moments ago. these cells are dissipating. another lightning strike here at kenmore alternative high school in bayonne. those are ending and dissipating. the downpours of rain throughout essex, hudson, union county and passaic.
5:18 am
another line of showers and thunderstorms popping up later today to the north and west and then tomorrow. they will be heavier into thursday afternoon with a front coming through. spotty thunderstorm again this afternoon. real feel 95 to 100. southerly wind picks up the humidity more today. warm and stucky tonight. 78 is the low. tomorrow not as hot but humid. the humidity will hang around until we get through the weekend. accuweather seven-day forecast, sunshine tomorrow. there is a slight chance of a pop up cell. thursday afternoon the front moves through. then friday we could have a shower and thunderstorm left over. the weekend sets up nice. sunshine, still humid on saturday, 83. looking at sunshine and clouds with 86 sunday. good old toad strangling rain outside. >> i see that toad. >> amazing how they make their way to the hudson river then over to us.
5:19 am
>> they head to hoboken, have breakfast. >> that's nice. heather, nice to have you back. >> how is the toad strangling rain affecting the commute. great idea to use mass transit when you look out the window and see what we are seeing. let's go to the maps. mass transit is okay. no major problems, metro north t waterbury branch bridge work in bridgeport. long island railroad on or close. we have a problem on the fdr north at 79th street. one lane is getting by. we have street cleaning rules in effect. ken and michelle, back to you. >> thank you so much. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," the jury has been seated in the campus sex scandal at one of the
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
country's most exclusive testimony will get underway in the trial of a 19-year-old accused of raping a freshman at st. paul school in new hampshire. the defendant says he did not have sex with the girl. he did not rape her. he told prosecutors that virgins are targeted at the school in a sexual conquest competition known as the, quote, senior salute. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive forecast. >> we got a mug eye week of weather that will be coming to you. it's hot and humid today. 91. 84 tomorrow. you notice it cools down a bit
5:23 am
but we will look at across, you know, the five boroughs, temperatures in the mid- to upper-70s but we will look at showers and thunderstorms that have been popping up. southwest wind, high humidity out there. and if you are taking the ferry from jersey city to staten island, maybe a little bumpy ride around the thunderstorms, particularly long island sound. you will see on the radar, accutrack radar, the cell over essex, hudson, union county. we had lightning strikes in those will dissipate in the next hour and get out of here. or a boat. >> that is always an option. let's tell what you is closed down. we have a closure on the bruckner expressway northbound side country club road to westchesteteavenue because of an accident. taking the fdr north at 79th street, one lane is open with the ongoing construction that is still out there.
5:24 am
street cleaning rules are in effect. >> thank you, heather. still ahead on eyewitness news this tuesday morning, the irs says the number of tax accounts accessed by thieves in a data breach earlier this year is much more severe than initially reported. we will have the details. music: "another sunny day" by belle and sebastian
5:25 am
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on the money, asian stocks plunged in early morning trading with shanghai seeing the biggest drops in week. nikkei is lower as well. hong kong hang seng index dropped 1%. >> on wall street the dow starts up 67 points at 17,545. nasdaq and s&p 500 begin higher. a cyber attack at the irs appears to be more extensive than previously thought. >> phillip mena and reena ninan have the business headlines. >> good morning. topping america's money the cyber attack at the irs. >> hundreds of thousands of people will get letters from the agency telling them their account may have been hacked. the number of americans has jumped from 114,000 identified in may to today 334,000. this upcoming labor day holiday could be the busiest
5:28 am
ever for summer air travel. airliners are expecting 14.2 million fliers between september 2nd and the 8th. a 3% jump from the same period last year. starbucks putting something new in the top selling seasonal drink of all time. >> the pumpkin spice lay take will contain real pumpkin. >> i can't wait to find out when it goes on sale. >> that's america's money. >> we are both going didn't it have pumpkin in it before. >> pumpkin extract or something. in the next half hour, you see it everywhere, what roads look like after utility crews work on a bumpy street and sidewalk. one mayor says no more. he is taking on the power
5:29 am
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check at 5:30 -- developing at 5:30 a woman was attacked. she fought back leaving the suspect with injuries of his own. >> officials say so many wildfires are burning in the west that military troops are being called in to help. >> let's take a look outside. if you are heading out right now, be prepared for heavy rain and even possibly some flooding. >> good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> thank you for being with us, i'm michelle charlesworth in for lori stokes. today is tuesday, august 18th. >> nice to have you along again. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with the exclusive forecast. >> we have a flood warning in
5:31 am
effect for manhattan. a flood advisory as well for parts of the area. a small part with just enough that it will create problems for the commute. it's 73 degrees right now. we are looking at 75 brookhaven and up to westhampton, 74 east hampton. 73 belmar to wrightstown to poughkeepsie. air quality warning until 11:00 tonight for the heat and humidity. we have a flood advisory this morning until 5:45. a flood warning from about central park south down to lower manhattan to 6:00 as we have a cell, big cell of rain coming through now. that area of central jersey to manhattan, that is working into passaic to bergen county, running up there from union city to north bergen around belleville and bloomfield lyndhurst, that is a heavy downpour of rain this morning. then back to the west there is a cold front. that will come in here for thursday. however, today, it will get hot again. low 90s.
5:32 am
real feel 95 to 100. problems on the fdr. heather will talk about that and the commute. how is it going? >> we have construction. let's take a look at a web cam and how this is slowing traffic down on the east side of manhattan, fdr drive. one line of traffic as crews are trying to repair the fdr drive. we will head to the maps and tell you where the closure is, northbound side from 61st to 96th street. ongoing construction going on. heading up on to the bruckner, the bruckner is closed north country club to westchester avenue because of an accident. on long island, l.i.e. east is closed exit 69, multivehicle accident being cleared away. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. ken, over to you. >> heather, thank you. check right now in brooklyn, the search is on for a man that brutally attacked and raped a woman in bed-stuy in a building there. kala rama is live with the details of this vicious assault. kala?
5:33 am
>> reporter: ken, police say that woman encountered the man in the area of putnam and bedford then the man said to that woman to follow him unless she wanted to be shot. so, the woman did so. she followed him a half mile a way to leaf for lefforts place. police say he shoved his fingers in her mouth. she fought back and bit the man. he knocked out her two teeth. the man continued to rape her and eventually got away. as you can see, he is described as a muscular black man in his 30s with bite marks on his left hand. the woman is in the hospital in stable condition. if you know who the guy is, call crimestoppers, 1-800-577- tips. kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kala, thank you.
5:34 am
new this morning, another sex attack to tell you about. this time in the bronx. the victim, a 43-year-old woman walking about 9:00 last wednesday night. detectives -- say the man pulled down her pants and sexually assaulted her and ran way. a woman is in custody for monday's murder of an elderly woman in oceanside. the first officers to reach the scene found the victim bleeding pro fusely from her neck. she was returned to a local hospital where she did die several hours later. neighbors say the victim was a neighborhood fixture. >> lovely gal would come outside and say hi, how are you doing. i never had a long conversation but she was a nice person, very friendly, mind your own business, tended her garden, tended her front yard.
5:35 am
>> the nassau county d.a. will release the names of the da and accused killer later this morning. a town hall meeting planned for tonight in mount vernon to discuss the death of raynetta turner who died in a police holding cell last month two days after being arrested for shoplifting. clergy and community leaders are said to attend tonight's forum. a cause of death has not been determined. the state attorney general's office is investigation the case. county officials will gather in newark to roll out the new body cameras to be worn by members of the essex county sheriff's department. we are told officers will be on the street with the body cams immediately after today's news conference. officers in communities such as morristown have the cameras. large cities, such as newark, jersey city and paterson are pooling resources to provide officers with the body cams. michelle? record breaking heat from the northeast to the west with temperatures in digits is taking a toll on firefighters already stretched thin.
5:36 am
they are fighting dozens of wildfires burning. abc's kenneth moton has the latest. >> from the east -- >> triple digits. miserable. >> reporter: to the west. >> humidity out of control. made it hotter. >> reporter: a muggy monday in new york city. the first heat wave in two years as temperatures soared. millions of americans baked in the many heading for waters looking for ways to survive the extreme heat. >> trying to cool off on this nice day. he is enjoying the water. >> reporter: across the west, the heat and dry conditions fueled wildfires burning out of control in several states. on the front lines, 30,000 wildfires stretched so then active duty military troops have been called in. in washington, where dozens of homes have been destroyed, dozens more threatened, fire officials are putting out a call for help overseas. >> we will look at other
5:37 am
nations that we work with like australia >> reporter: there are air quality alerts as the smoke from the nearly 90 wildfires moves across the country. so many looking for relief during the dog days of summer. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. all the heat, all the humidity, oh, the summer. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> well, here we go. we look from our camera at 4 time's square looking south. the rain is ending now from there southward. that cell with heavy rain we had this morning has pushed northward up the west side to the bronx. here we are on the west side. you don't see anybody with umbrellas. that shower has ended. it was pushing to the north. it will be winding down and weakening over the next 30 minutes to an hudson river, rockland and westchester county. 73. shower is right here that we are talking about.
5:38 am
now it's up to bergen county, passaic county, northern morris county to the north of newark. now it left lower manhattan, working its way up through the park, across the hudson river and heading to fort lee. sun and showers around fire island. that is dissipating and weakening. today we will see the shower and thunderstorm threat returning later on today. we have very muggy air today. temperature by noontime is 88. 91 this afternoon. a little cooler than yesterday. the humidity will make it feel like 95 to 100. weather and traffic every seven minutes. on a day like today, that's why we do this. >> that's right. we have a closure on the bruckner expressway northbound from country club road to westchester avenue with an accident. the ed koch, 59th street bridge doing fine. off the bridge, heading northbound on fdr, you can see the long line of red traffic. that is the northbound fdr 61st
5:39 am
to 96th street, ongoing construction project. on to the l.i.e. east, it's closed at exit 69 with a multivehicle accident still being cleared away. new jersey turnpike western spur northbound near exit 15-e a car fire. then looking at 22 going westbound near springfield avenue, a downed pole. left lane closed until 7:00 a.m. this is in springfield because of an earlier accident. that was cleared but now they have to clear the downed pole and the wires. we have alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. ken and michelle, over to you. >> heather, thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news this tuesday morning, a tragic accident involving a viral sensation and real life
5:40 am
5:41 am
hero that put smiles on e welcome back. stephen phillip is not happy
5:42 am
with the state's largest utility. he says pse&g is ripping up roads in high tide urban areas and leaving behind a patched mess. the company insists it doesn't treat city roads differently. >> what we have told them, we shut down all of their projects in jersey city. they will be shut down until jersey city and pse&g come to an agreement on paving schedules being done timely manner. >> pse&g is reviewing all of its work and makes repairs based on a plan approved by jersey city. a tragic accident involving a real life caped crusader that put smiles on the face of so many children. the so-called route 29 batman died after he was hit and killed on a maryland highway. his batmobile broke down over the weekend.
5:43 am
when he got out to check on it, he was hit by a passing truck. he became a viral sensation three years ago after he was pulled over wearing his full super hero costume on his way to visit sick children. >> that is such sad news. all right. bill evans has a look at the forecast. >> this morning we have heavy rain that is over manhattan and urban areas of new jersey. when we look at our camera to the east, we have seen the rain winding down. a couple of little showers out to brooklyn and flushing bay and queens. now we are seeing that end this morning. these are weakening somewhat. this is our camera at 66th street and columbus avenue where they repaved the street then tore it up again -- >> no you didn't. >> i'm sorry, did i say that out loud? >> yes. >> i apologize. i know nothing about that, really. totally uninformed. >> winds are southwest at 7. we
5:44 am
have seen a shower that we are having this morning leaving the area heading to new jersey up to the hudson river valley. i will show you that on the accutrack radar. normal high is 83. sun up at 6:09 sets at 7:51. day four of our heat wave. we have not had four straight days of 90-degree weather since july of 2012. still steamy today. a spotty storm again this afternoon. near normal temperatures tomorrow. but the humidity hangs on, muggy, stuffy, the next chance of good thunderstorms will be thursday afternoon, thursday night and left over into friday. uc index of a 7. this afternoon you can get a sunburn in an hour. pollen count moderate to high for grasses. that will knock down the pollen. 76 teaneck. meadowlands 78. up to monticello, 63, 67 bridgeport. southwest to a southerly wind coming up. we can get more moisture, with
5:45 am
the temperatures cooler at 91, humidity picks up more today from yesterday. air quality is not going to be good again today, especially for the elderly, very young and those with respiratory illness, breathing will be tough with the heat and humidity. the flood advisory in effect expired. the flood warning for lower manhattan is in effect until 6:00. that is because of that heavy cell working up the hudson river. you can see it, taking the entire tri-state, we are looking at morristown over to bergen and passaic with this cell working northward up the hudson and now sliding over to fort lee and up to the george washington bridge. this cell is around morristown, bloomfield, new jersey, back to the west there is a break. showers and thunderstorms are associated to this front and out ahead of that. those thunderstorms come to us on thursday. with the heat and humidity, there could be a pop up thunderstorm inland today, that
5:46 am
is showing up often the -- on the futurecast. the beach is a good place to be. hot and humid today. spotty thunderstorm this afternoon inland away from the beach. looking at a real feel of 95 to 100. quite warm and sticky. 78. tomorrow 84. still humid, muggy and steamy. accuweather seven-day forecast, we are looking at thunderstorms for thursday afternoon, thursday night. maybe a leftover storm on friday, if to like leftovers. i'm a leftover kind of guy. humid sunshine saturday and sunday. >> i like the way he said muggy and steamy. >> definitely the grandson of a he preacher. >> say the mated loaf, slice -- meatloaf, slice it up, make sandwiches. >> i wait until last, the end piece. >> the crunchy part.
5:47 am
>> there is leftover construction, too. >> that tastes great. >> not when you see this. this is jam packed. one lane open. take a look at the maps. your ride across the ed koch 59th street bridge is fine out of queens into manhattan. but once you get off the bridge heading northbound on the fdr drive, watch this. puff huge line of traffic. it continues all the way up into the 90s. so, northbound from 61st up to 96th street, you have a construction project. it's on the northbound side. we had a problem on the bruckner reopened with an earlier accident cleared at country club road and alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. ken and michelle, over to you. >> thank you so much. >> still ahead on eyewitness news on this tuesday morning. it's dubbed the female viagra. today we will find out if the revolutionary drug for women will be coming to a pharmacy
5:48 am
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near you. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. just seven percent received five stars. among them were four hospitals that are part of cancer treatment centers of america. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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welcome back. in this morning's health alert, a decision on the so-called female viagra pill could come today. the fda is expected to announce whether it will approve, deny or postpone the drug. it treats hypo active sexual desire disorder that affects approximately one in ten women with low libido. the pill failed two previous attempts to bring it to market
5:51 am
and some question its effectiveness and safety as well. the head of amazon defending his style after the "new york times" piece describes a culture that includes, get this, 85 hour work weeks. and meetings that regular leave employees in tears. ceo insists the times story doesn't describe the amazon that he knows and says anybody working in those conditions would be crazy to stay. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," if you didn't happen to be in central park last night, man did you miss an incredible free show. stevie wonder performed a sure price concert.
5:52 am
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you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on "eyewitness news this morning." i'm meteorologist bill evans in the weather center. this is how the weather looks the next seven days and it's muggy the next seven days. it will be lower 80s after today. we are in the lower 70s. 76 jamaica queens. southwest to a southerly wind. look at the humidities way up there, especially in central park after the rain that blew through with a quarter inch to half inch of rain on the upper west side. the ferry from bridgeport to port jeff, the water temperature warmed to 78. a shower or thunderstorm working up through northern new jersey, left the west side,
5:55 am
passaic and bergen creating problems. heather says problem on the subways and fdr. subways are okay. fdr, we will talk about. but ed koch 59th street bridge no problems there. fdr, one long line of traffic 61st to 96th with ongoing construction. street cleaning rules are in effect today. ken, over to you. >> thank you. a woman has taken an unusual approach to her job certainly she is handing out resumes on the side of the road. she has been standing by the off-ramp of a freeway in buffalo next to a sign that reads not homeless but hungry for success. see, she wants to try something different to stand out as she looks for a job in sales management. the 28-year-old tells the buffalo news she has gotten 13 job offers. >> some things you just don't need to describe.
5:56 am
they are so cool you just roll with them. [singing] . >> i can't talk over this. at the very wonder for free -- stevie wonder for free in central park. the third of his pop up concerts to promote the key of life tour which comes back in a few minutes. he plays newark october 14th then finishes add madison garden november 24th. you have to buy tickets for those. last night was priceless and free. >> one of the outtakes was he says to the audience, how many of you would let me drive you around in a tesla. and they are clapping like yes, really. >> rascal.
5:57 am
we are closing in on 6:00. just ahead, a suspected violent rapist on the run. the video the police want you to see after his attack in brooklyn. >> happening today, another move to the prevention of future legionnaires outbreaks as health experts rule it's safe to be out and about in the south bronx. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet... that it was damaging the enamel. i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said pronamel
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breaking news at 6:00. new information on the indonesian plane that crashed


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